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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Got threatened by Myspace.

Well was only a matter of time till I got to add my name to the list of people myspace would try to bully since the word myspace was in my sites name.

I will scan and post the letter so you can see what looks like the myspace iterns typed up. My fav part was how they signed it, you ready get this --- Myspace legal team.

I was laughing when i read it, looked like 3rd graders. Oh you ask, how do I know what a real letter should look like from a lawyer handling domain issies, well lets say someone I know has gotten quite a few and the chuckle on his face was worth getting the letter.

So check out the site, keep looking at those nubile girls and well there is a few more sites in the works. Check them out, tell me what you think. They are still in beta mode so dont trip if the pics wont lead you to anything.


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