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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Myspace in the NEWS again.

Does myspace ever leave your local news stations. In Houston its on non stop and just watched it on CNN.

Last time I checked it takes 2 yes 2 people to meet. Why are hey making such a big deal about the guys who are picking up girls on myspace. How about her parents teaching them to be responsible kids? It is alwasy the easy route to blame someone else than to accept responsibility yourself.

I understnad there are sexual predators out there but they cant solict girls without someone, the GIRLS, writing them back and agreeing to meet. I still havent learned the trick of forcing someone thru the computer yet, please teach me.

I keep waiting to see myspaceboobs on the news. There is no nudity in any pics on the site but does have links to graphic sites making everyone call it a porn site. So if I add links to churchs as well does it make me a religious site?

People make things what they need them to be. Think for yourself and dont let peopel tell you or pressure you into thinking what they want.

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